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The Run for Inclusion at the 2022 Gate River Run

The Run for Inclusion at the 2022 Gate River Run

The 2022 Run for Inclusion at the Gate River Run has been our biggest event in fundraising and participation since Challenge Enterprises began this partnership with the Ability Experience three years ago. 

In 2020, we started out with four enabled athletes and twelve support athletes, and a small budget.  Despite the restrictions and difficulties due to COVID, the 2021 Run for Inclusion included five enabled athletes, eighteen support athletes, and Dawn White from our local NBC/ABC affiliate helping to share our story.  The 2021 Run for Inclusion team raise a little over $10K, to ensure our enabled athletes would be supported throughout race day without a financial burden. 

The Run for Inclusion 2022 did not just grow in size but in opportunity.  Logistically, our last two years were focused on 15K participation.  This year, the opportunity opened up to include 5K athletes.  The 2022 team included seven enabled 15K athletes, one enabled 5K athlete, twenty-four support athletes, and raised almost $16K.  Club Challenge also had a team of eight cross the 5K finish line. In addition, Challenge Enterprises Shipboard Logistic team member Jeremy Hebda also completed the 2022 Gate River 15K Run and dedicated his run to his dad who recently passed away. 

Thank you to The Ability Experience and Andrew Matznick for their strong partnership with Challenge Enterprises in making this event bigger and better each year. Kudos to Judson Cutts, Louis Venturello, and Bill Olson for taking our hospitality space up a notch with amazing food, fellowship, and VIP parking. An attitude of gratitude for our sponsors: T5 Sportswear & Promotions, Florida Powertrain & Hydraulics, Raesemann Enterprises, F3, Hire Purpose Foundation, and the Pi Kappa Phi Zeta Zeta Chapter Alumni Association of UNF. To all our athletes, this event does not happen without YOU!!!! Thank you for not only putting in the sweat equity on the course but for rallying together to raise the funds necessary to make this event possible.

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