Our Mission

The Power of People and Possibilities

People of all abilities can bring valued skills to the community and deserve the chance to do so. Our go-to-work philosophy gives people with different abilities the skills and confidence needed to prosper in their roles. By understanding the importance of each individual’s unique intellectual, physical, social, and emotional needs, we are able to provide each person the opportunity to live a productive, active, and rewarding life. We assist them in achieving their own personal goals.

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Challenge Enterprises motto, mission and vision

“I’ve seen more growth in our son in the last three months than I have in three years. He has a purpose, gained dignity, and has a new zest for life since being with Challenge Enterprises. I can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support and encouragement.”

– A Happy Parent

Values that Change Lives

Our support staff focuses on treating each person as an equal partner with dignity and respect. They work as a team to support personal objectives by truly listening to their wants, needs, concerns, and desires. Together, we plan daily activities, goals, and areas of development. This process empowers each person to make decisions about their lives while ensuring their needs are being met.