About Us

A Mission with Purpose

To promote the Power of People and Possibilities for individuals living with different abilities.

It Is Our Vision To

Empower individuals living with different abilities with the opportunity to embrace the challenges in their lives so they may become enterprising members of their community.

Video Transcript:

0:00: [Female participant Waking Up]
0:05: [Male participant getting his uniform ready for the day.]
0:13: [Female participant getting ready for the day.]
0:28: [Challenge Enterprise team getting off bus]
0:45: [Wheelchair accessible school bus dropping off its riders.]
1:10: [Workers loading ship with fresh goods.]
1:24: [Assembly line of volunteers unloading bread crates.]
1:30: [Male participant in wheelchair working on trash removal.]
1:35: [Male participant grabbing his time card from locker and recording his time.]
1:48: [City skyline view.]
1:53: [Men and women working with recyclables.]
2:35: [Male participant on forklift moving some grocery pallets.]
2:43: [Male participant stocking grocery isles.]
2:55: [Female participant sewing.]
3:00: [Male participant working his factory job.]
3:15: [Visually impaired participant working on trash removal.]
3:25: [Male participant laying down after a long day at work.]

Person Centered Goals

Everything we do is centered around one key goal: to empower people to live their best life. With person-centered programs, our professionals and volunteers assist hundreds of people living with differences to achieve success by nurturing their dreams and personal goals. By providing opportunities that teach, support, and embrace the challenges in their lives, they become well-able, confident, more self-sufficient, and enterprising members of the community.

With the full support of our experienced team, we implement a results-oriented plan of action that enables individuals living with differences to gain meaningful relationships, develop work and career skills, earn an income, achieve social independence, and even become homeowners.