Residential Services and Supported Living

Active Lives are Happy Lives

Our small group homes provide eligible adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities with supervised living around the clock. This elevated level of commitment to providing attentive care and supervision allows us to meet each individual’s needs. We take away the worry for their families and provide a sense of security knowing that their loved one is in the best hands possible and are living their life happily. 

In addition, we actively assist residents with the functions of daily living, personal care, social activities, community outings, as well as everyday responsibilities like household chores. We also ensure that their SSI or SSDI eligibility status remains active and that medical benefits are intact. 

Adult with Different Abilities sitting with his cat

Promoting individuality, many residents become active members of civic and fraternal organizations and are enterprising members of their community. We encourage an active, social lifestyle with a variety of fun choices to enjoy such as bowling, church services, dining out, going to the movies, club meetings, shopping, sports, and community volunteering … to name a few!

Features of our Group Homes:

  1. His/her own room
  2. Freedom to add personal touches and style
  3. All the amenities they can afford
  4. Variety of social activities to participate in
  5. Helpful staff available 24/7

Benefits to Residents: 

  1. A life with dignity and happiness
  2. Sense of pride and individuality
  3. Provides a diverse family-oriented environment
  4. Neighbors become valued friends
  5. A more active lifestyle

“Since moving into her small group home, our daughter has blossomed with confidence and independence.”

– Charles & Kathye Williams

Greater Independence is Possible

Supported Living Coaching and Personal Supports are provided for eligible individuals who are ready to become more independent. This next level involves renting an apartment or house or even fulfilling the dream of becoming a homeowner. Our staff assists with every step during the selection of a new residence, budget support, transportation, and cultivating solid relationships with new roommates and/or neighbors. And best of all, family members can feel confident that their loved ones will be given the tools necessary to live their best life. 

It’s never too early to plan for the future.