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The Agency for Persons with Disability (APD) Application for Pre-enrollment

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) in the Northeast Region has provided some important information on the documents needed to process an APD application.  It is important that this information be provided to anyone assisting families with APD applications.  Schools, Guidance Counselors, Parent Advocates, Families, ESE Professionals need to know this information is required. 

All applications to APD require the completed APD application and Consent to Obtain/Release Information; as well as, the Birth Certificate, Photo ID, and/or Proof of Residence and copy of Social Security Card. 

Follow the additional information below for the specific documents needed by Intellectual and or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in three categories:

  • Intellectual Disability:
    • All psychological evaluations, with a least one with Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score or Full-Scale IQ (FSIQ) score
    • All Individual Education Plans (IEPs) from school and other reports
    • All therapy reports (Occupational, Physical, Speech, etc.)
    • Any psychiatric evaluations
  • Autism:
    • All psychological evaluations completed at age of 3 to present.  (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) evaluation)
    • All psychiatric evaluations and records from psychiatric admissions
    • All IEPs from school and other reports
  • All others:
    • Medical documentation and/or chromosomal records (Karyotype for Down syndrome)
    • At least one IEP from school
    • At least one psychological evaluation, if any had been completed  

Pre-enrollment applications are taking approximately 90 days to process.  If you recently submitted a pre-enrollment application and did not include all the items listed above, make contact with APD if they have not already contacted you, and provide the additional documents.  Incomplete applications are not typically held beyond 30 days unless you are working on an issue with APD.