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Surprise Delivery from Basket Life

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The owners of Basket Life, Chris and Dana Heisler recently moved into a new home and decided this would be a great opportunity to inspect what they expect from their Basket Life program.  Basket Life connects Northeast Florida new homeowners to area businesses, nonprofits, and more through a beautiful welcome basket delivered directly to their doorstep with the mission to connect and grow communities.

Here is Dana Heisler’s recount of their experience:

We moved last month and realized we were on the list to receive one of our Baskets. We decided to leave our name on the list and add no special notes. Chris and I wanted to see just how Challenge Enterprises handles the deliveries. We were absolutely blown away at the amazing job they did!

Basket Life Delivery to a Home
Basket Life Logo
Basket Life Basket sitting on a Doorstep

Alexis knocked on the door and took steps back for the homeowner’s comfort and turned around when we opened the door. She said Challenge Enterprises and Basket life are delivering a Welcome Basket to you. She was full of smiles and made me feel welcome.

I know she said more but my crazy teenager bolted from the door and headed back inside and then proceeded to flop on the floor because he couldn’t contain his laughter that we got one of our own baskets. If Alexis wasn’t confused enough, I just had to ask her if I could take her photo. I quickly followed with an explanation as to what was going on and we all had a great laugh.

The basket was very nicely done. Actually, it was gorgeous! I was happy to receive it and she mentioned that all the homeowners that she delivers to love receiving the basket as well. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to receive the basket and to see Alexis in action.

The employees at Challenge Enterprises that pack and deliver the baskets find this unique opportunity a great way to show off their hometown pride:

“I love working with Basket Life.  I get to represent my home state, meet new people and share with them what my hometown community has to offer.  I enjoy watching people’s faces light up when I deliver a basket.  If they are new to North Florida, I get to share with them some of my favorite things about growing up in Green Cove Springs and the surrounding area.  When packing the baskets, I take great pride in how it looks because I know I am representing my hometown in welcoming new members to our community.” – Alexis, Challenge Enterprises       

To learn more about Basket Life or to promote your business, organization or agency by having an item placed in a welcome basket, please visit