Red Star

Ryan James – A Real Good One

Ryan James began his career
Ryan James began his career

Ryan James began his career with Challenge Enterprises as a shelf stocker at the NASJAX Commissary in May of 2006. After years of service in that position, Mr. James decided to make a career change to join the janitorial team at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) in April of 2019. Karen Anderson, Vice President of Human Resources at Challenge Enterprises championed this transition with, “He is always smiling and dedicated to his job.”

Ryan is known for being a devoted and dependable worker who is normally quiet and reserved, except if you ask him about his experience working at FRCSE. With a large smile on his face, he shared what a blessing working at FRCSE has been for him personally and professionally. He gives his co-worker, Omar Lebron, most of the credit for his success. “Omar has been very instrumental in my training, patiently encouraging me along the way to become the person I am today.”

They both have a large area to clean in a short window of time between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm and work well together – a real team! Betty Hunter, Assistant Project Manager at FRCSE, claims Ryan James as one of the success stories of her department. “We helped to make his life better, put him down the right path, and build a brighter future for himself. He appreciates all that Challenge Enterprises has done for him and we benefit from having an outstanding employee. We wish we had more like him!”