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Meet Greg Voss: A Visionary Leader Stepping into the Role of COO at Challenge Enterprises

In February 2024, Challenge Enterprises welcomed Greg Voss as their newest addition to the team. With a distinguished career spanning various sectors, Greg brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to his role as COO.

Before joining Challenge Enterprises, Greg served as the CEO of Seamark Ranch for four years. Under his leadership, Seamark Ranch achieved remarkable milestones, including record-breaking fundraising, the establishment of a general operating endowment, and the execution of a highly successful capital campaign. His strategic vision and effective management were instrumental in driving the organization toward unparalleled success.

Before his tenure at Seamark Ranch, Greg spent six years as the Vice President of Operations at the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce. During his tenure, the Chamber experienced exponential growth across all key performance indicators, setting new benchmarks for success in the community.

Greg’s professional journey also includes significant roles in the realm of professional sports and entertainment. He contributed his talents to esteemed organizations such as the NHL’s Washington Capitals and the NFL’s Washington Redskins (now the Washington Commanders), where he honed his skills in leadership, strategic planning, and organizational management.

A lifelong learner and advocate for personal development, Greg has actively participated in various leadership programs, including Leadership Clay, Leadership Northeast Florida, and Crestcom Leadership. Furthermore, he completed the Institute for Organizational Management program, further enhancing his understanding of effective organizational strategies and practices.

Greg holds a degree in American History from the University of Maryland, reflecting his commitment to knowledge and understanding the cultural context in which organizations operate.

Greg Voss brings a wealth of experience and a fervent commitment to expanding the organization’s impact. In a recent interview, Greg shared his aspirations, talents, and vision for his role at Challenge Enterprises:

Expanding the Footprint and Mission:

Greg’s primary goal as COO is to expand the footprint and, ultimately, the mission and vision of Challenge Enterprises. He aims to add strong partners along the way, leveraging his expertise in the nonprofit sector to amplify the organization’s reach and impact. Greg expresses tremendous excitement about being part of the journey and showcasing the multitude of services and opportunities provided by Challenge Enterprises.

Relationship Building and Experience:

Greg believes that building relationships is paramount in both business and life. With his extensive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector across various industries, he brings a valuable network of connections that he intends to leverage for the benefit of Challenge Enterprises. Greg’s ability to foster strong relationships internally and externally positions him as an ideal candidate for the COO role, where collaboration and partnership are essential for success.

Contributing to the Team and Community:

Greg wants the staff, consumers, and the public to know that his priority is to utilize his strengths and abilities to contribute to the betterment of the team and the individuals served by Challenge Enterprises. He emphasizes the importance of public involvement in driving the organization’s growth and success, underscoring his commitment to transparency, collaboration, and community engagement.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Greg finds fulfillment in his role as a husband to Maria and a father to his son, Gabriel, who has autism. His dedication to both his family and his community underscores his values of compassion, integrity, and service.

As Greg embarks on this new chapter with Challenge Enterprises, his extensive experience, coupled with his passion for making a positive impact, positions him as a transformative leader poised to drive meaningful change and further the organization’s mission. With his leadership at the helm, Challenge Enterprises is poised to reach new heights of success and impact in the community.