Red Star

LAWNABILITY Redefines Excellence in Commercial Lawn Maintenance 

As the vibrant colors of spring grace Northern Florida, LAWNABILITY, the commercial Lawn Maintenance division of Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc., proudly announces its latest initiatives and unwavering commitment to serving the community with unparalleled excellence.  

LAWNABILITY transcends traditional lawn maintenance by creating environments that embody the essence and vitality of Northern Florida’s beautiful green spaces. With a focus on precision and a relentless dedication to customer satisfaction, our team proudly manages various prestigious properties, showcasing our expertise and commitment to quality.  

Highlighted Projects Include: 

  • Penny Retirement Golf Course and Grounds: LAWNABILITY maintains the greens, encompassing 56 acres of common areas, with an additional 11 acres recently added, ensuring a pristine and inviting landscape.  
  • Hickory Grove Cemetery: Our team revitalized the 10-acre county-owned cemetery in Green Cove Springs, restoring its beauty and tranquility through meticulous care.  
  • Clay County Facilities: LAWNABILITY oversees 55 acres of grounds across 24 different locations in Clay County, contributing to the area’s aesthetics and functionality.  
  • Challenge Enterprises Properties: We proudly maintain all properties owned by Challenge Enterprises, including residential group homes and commercial buildings, reflecting our commitment to supporting their mission.  
  • Green Cove Springs: LAWNABILITY manages a 1-acre site on Bay Street in Green Cove Springs, showcasing our expanding reputation for excellence in commercial lawn maintenance.  
  • The Springs:  LAWNABILITY maintains two main entrances, all common grounds, a boat ramp, and two pocket parks that showcase the beautiful and historic Doctors Lake Drive community.

What Sets Us Apart: 

At LAWNABILITY, our personalized approach sets us apart. We tailor our services to meet each customer’s unique needs, ensuring meticulous care from mowing to blowing. Our expertise, combined with a dedicated team led by Suzanne Meffert, a long-time Challenge Enterprises employee and LAWNABILITY supervisor, ensures exceptional results on every project.  

Suzanne Meffert notes, “I have never had a better crew that works as hard as these guys do.” Her team of 7, including herself as a working supervisor, embodies LAWNABILITY’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.  

Spring Renewal and Excellence: 

As we embrace the spirit of growth and renewal that spring brings, LAWNABILITY invites you to discover the potential of each person and the possibilities for excellence this season. Join us in creating vibrant, inviting green spaces that enhance the beauty and functionality of Northern Florida.  

For inquiries or to schedule services, please contact LAWNABILITY at 904.284.9859