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Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Challenge Enterprises Calls for Participation in National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2023


GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FL (Oct. 1, 2023) – Challenge Enterprises, a pioneering advocate for inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, is excited to announce its enthusiastic participation in National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this October. NDEAM, an annual initiative led by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy, is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities and celebrating the immense contributions of workers with diverse abilities to the American workforce and economy.

The theme for NDEAM 2023, “Advancing Access and Equity,” resonates deeply with Challenge Enterprises’ core values of recognizing and harnessing the potential of every individual, regardless of their abilities. This month-long celebration emphasizes the importance of creating a workforce that not only acknowledges the unique strengths of all employees but actively nurtures an environment of inclusivity and diversity.

Nancy C. Keating, CEO of Challenge Enterprises reports, “Challenge Enterprises is proud to announce that the employees with disabilities that work jobs on federal government sites in North Florida and South Georgia have earned wages over $ 2 million dollars last year serving active and retired military, veterans, dependents, and other governmental agencies. Challenge Enterprises employees are trusted and valued members of the workforce. There are dedicated and trusted individuals ready to work at your business.”

The Power of Inclusion

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, embracing diversity is not just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage. Companies that prioritize inclusivity in their workplace culture gain access to a rich tapestry of perspectives, ideas, and experiences that drive innovation, collaboration, and success. NDEAM serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact that can be achieved when individuals from all levels of society are given equal opportunities to shine. “NDEAM provides Challenge Enterprises with national and regional exposure to promote the creation of employment opportunities for individuals with different abilities to businesses,” explains Katie Vineyard, COO for Challenge Enterprises, Kindred Hospital, Penney Retirement Community, Walgreens, Seagrass Village, WAWA, and many other businesses have embraced Challenge Enterprises and inclusion in the workspace by providing internships, first-time job opportunities and on-the-job training programs.

Join Challenge Enterprises: Be the Change

As supporters of Challenge Enterprises, we invite you to join us in championing the cause of NDEAM 2023. This is more than an invitation; it is a call to action. Whether you are an employer, a community organization, a government entity, an advocacy group, or a school, your involvement is crucial in propelling the vision of inclusivity forward. As an employer, consider filling a job vacancy by calling Challenge Enterprises, inviting our Employment Specialists and job seekers to take a tour of your site, or offering an internship to expand knowledge of work opportunities for job seekers.

By participating in NDEAM, you are not merely observing a month of awareness; you are actively contributing to a movement that strives to reshape workplaces and societies. Challenge Enterprises passionately believes that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has the potential to make a lasting impact on the world. By participating, you are helping create an environment where this potential is realized and celebrated.

How to Get Involved

Throughout October, Challenge Enterprises will host a social media campaign to raise awareness about NDEAM and foster conversations around access and equality in the workplace. As part of our commitment, we are providing resources, guidance, and a platform for meaningful engagement and inviting the community to join in and share this community experience.

Join us this October in celebrating NDEAM 2023 and contributing to a more inclusive and diverse workforce. Let us take steps together towards a future where every worker’s potential is valued and where we celebrate the unique strengths that everyone brings.