Red Star

Employee Spotlight: Shirley Mayze

Shirley Mayze has worked for Challenge Enterprises for nearly sixteen years and is an excellent worker who goes above and beyond expectations. Her dedication to her co-workers and supervisor at the Bryan Simpson Federal Courthouse makes her an outstanding team player no matter how challenging the task at hand.  Shirley is always thinking about her job and her co-workers.  She is considerate of those she works with and never likes to leave her co-workers in a bind for any reason. Tired, under the weather or even a bad mood can’t stop Shirley.  No matter what, she is there to pull her share of the workload.

On her lunch break, you can often find Shirley taking a 45-minute power walk and setting a positive example of health and wellness for her younger teammates.  Shirley is a mother, grandmother and in June 2022, will be a great grandmother. She gets all her energy and strength from being the head of her legacy, once again setting the example for the next generation.

We appreciate her up for the challenge work ethic and positive attitude…Thank you Shirley Mayze!