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Embracing Inclusivity: The #RunforInclusion at the 2024 Gate River Run

The Gate River Run is not just a race; it’s a celebration of inclusivity and diversity, where athletes of all abilities come together to experience the thrill of the run. In our fifth consecutive year, the #RunforInclusion, a collaborative effort between The Ability Experience and Challenge Enterprises, was an event to remember. 

What is the #RunforInclusion?

The #RunforInclusion at the Gate River Run is a unique initiative that aims to support athletes of all abilities. In collaboration with Challenge Enterprises, The Ability Experience is channeling its enthusiasm to create an inclusive space where individuals with different abilities can actively participate in the 15K, 5K, and Challenge Mile races. The focus is not just on the finish line but on the journey itself, fostering a sense of community and empowerment.

How it Works:

The funds raised by the Challenge Enterprises team go directly to supporting Challenge Enterprises, an organization committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. Additionally, a portion of the funds raised by other team members covers event costs for Challenge Enterprise athletes. Moreover, these contributions were contributed to a grant presented to Challenge Enterprises on race weekend, furthering the impact and outreach of this meaningful collaboration.

The 2024 Edition:

This year marks the fifth anniversary of this heartwarming partnership. Athletes of all abilities once again converged at the Gate River Run to showcase their resilience, determination, and spirit. With participants taking part in various race categories, including the 15K, 5K, and Challenge Mile, the event was a celebration of diversity and inclusion like never before.

The #RunforInclusion at the 2024 Gate River Run was a celebration of diversity, resilience, and community. Participants sponsors and donors, become an integral part of this movement, contributing to the empowerment of individuals with different abilities.

This year’s event was an even greater success, showcasing the power of inclusivity in the running community! 

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The #RunforInclusion is a groundbreaking initiative at the Gate River Run, specifically designed to support athletes of all abilities. In partnership with Challenge Enterprises, The Ability Experience is leveraging its passion to establish an inclusive environment. The Run for Inclusion is a team effort between athletes with or without disabilities to cross the finish line.

Run for Inclusion 2024 Results:

$34,514 fundraised collectively

78 participants total: 

  • 39-15k runners
  • 5-5k runners
  • 2-1 milers
  • 32 athletes with disabilities