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CLICK2GO Curbside Pickup Available at NASJAX Commissary

CLICK2GO Curbside Pickup Available at NASJAX Commissary

Customers started placing orders online with curbside pickup as of January 4, 2021. Using curbside pickup is a straightforward process. Authorized commissary shoppers access the system via the agency’s customer portal, MyCommissary. An initial sign-up is required for first-time patrons’ access to MyCommissary. Patrons can also learn more about CLICK2GO on

CLICK2GO patrons select from commissary products offered online based on the store’s stock assortment. Once products and a pick up time are selected, personal shoppers gather up the selected items and have them ready for pick up. The only thing left to do is arrive curbside at the appointed time and pay with a credit card (including a $4.95 service fee will be applied for each order), while Commissary workers load the groceries in the shopper’s car.

While people have experienced product availability issues because of COVID-19 shopping patterns, the service lets customers know ahead of time about any order discrepancies. Substitutions are offered to customers for items that are not currently in stock.

Alexis Hutchinson and Amber Hick, CLICK2GO personal shoppers and Challenge Enterprises employees, both agree that customers really seem to like the convenience of the program.

The Jacksonville Commissary is among 11 commissaries now offering CLICK2GO, and an expansion to more commissaries is planned for 2021.