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Challenge Enterprises to Participate in Calmer Con

Challenge Enterprises to Participate in Calmer Con

Sensory Adjusted Calmer Con Comes To North Florida  

Orange Park, Florida – On Sunday, May 16, 2021, A Sensory Adjusted Comic Book & Pop Culture Convention “Southeast Calmer Con” will be held at Thrasher-Horne Center, located on the campus of St Johns River College. This event is specifically designed to meet the sensory needs of those with autism, anxiety, and sensory processing concerns while providing many of the typical comic convention activities such as vendor and artist tables. Attendees will have the opportunity to access and get photographs with costumed superheroes, princesses, and science fiction favorites, and are encouraged to dress up as well!

“We wanted to make the experience as authentic as possible, just presented in a family and sensory friendlier environment,” says Adam Wilson, Director of Calm Passion. “I have an autistic son, Logan, and we were having trouble finding comic-con-type events that we could attend without him becoming overwhelmed from sensory overload, so we started our nonprofit and created one.”

Club Challenge in partnership with Ability Experience will be bringing Gaming for Inclusion to Calmer Con.  This program focuses on building friendships with a foundation of inclusion through a common interest in gaming.  In addition to sponsored gaming stations at the Southeast Calmer Con Convention, Club Challenge will also host a special Green Screen Photo Opportunity for participants.

Southeast Calmer Con will be held in two separate sessions, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Each operates as an individual convention to allow twice as many families to attend while helping maintain appropriate sensory levels. There are also separate spaces for activities like art, brick building, costume contests, and Jedi training, as well as a Calmer Space where attendees can relax and recharge if they become overwhelmed or overstimulated so they don’t have to exit the event early. Tickets can be purchased at the Thrasher-Horne Ticket Office.

About Calm Passion

Calm Passion is a 501(c)3 Registered Nonprofit Organization whose mission is to create more accessible and accommodating family events to meet the needs of those with sensory processing and anxiety concerns. We started operating more than five years ago after failing to find many existing events of this kind. In that time Calm Passion has held several Calmer Cons here in New England, as well as managing Calmer Spaces at other conventions and supporting other nonprofit organizations with their community outreach efforts.