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Challenge Enterprises Partners with Ability Experience for Gate River Run

Gate River Run 2020

Not only did we get to witness our #TeamChallenge enable athletes to experience an opportunity of a lifetime; we were surprised by Jonathan Woodard running across the finish line, Kevin Mangold completing the race in 1 hr. 13 minutes under his own efforts, Jon Lesch’s stories about feeling the energy of thousands of people cheering and Carl Johns pride at having a medal. This was more than a #RunforInclusion. It was a moment in time when the Power of People created the Possibility. Now that is worth ringing a cowbell or two for!

Special appreciation for Andrew Matznick, Adam Brown, and the #TeamAbEx who raised $6,400 towards making this opportunity a reality. Thank you to Rob Raesemann, Michael Carter, and Bill Powers for being our support and setup crew and to Robert Talley with T5 Sportswear for donating our team shirts. A big hand to our runners who kept this race in motion: Sean Seifried, Jennifer Farinella, Bradley Bodiford, Jordan Manning, Brad Montgomery, Kari Trautvetter, Russell Caffey, Adam Brown, Jonathan Fleetwood, Christopher Huebner, Basil Lyberg, Peter Cummings, Dan Preza, and Dakota Endris.

Group of runners talking a group picture after the race
3 Runners talking a picture with a person with different abilities in a wheel chair
Group of Runners excited while running