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Challenge Enterprises Leadership Tours SourceAmerica AbilityOne Worksite at Charles E Bennett Federal Building

Challenge Enterprises, a leading participant in the SourceAmerica AbilityOne program, recently had the honor of touring a worksite at the Charles E Bennett Federal Building in Jacksonville, Florida. CEO Katie Vineyard, COO Greg Voss, and VP of Business Development Adrian Andrews were welcomed by Project Manager Alexis Edwards for an insightful exploration of the facility.

During the visit, the Challenge Enterprises leadership had the opportunity to engage with several employees working at the location, gaining firsthand insight into their dedication and contributions to the organization’s mission. The tour provided a platform for meaningful conversations, highlighting the importance of empowering individuals with disabilities through meaningful employment opportunities.

Additionally, the leadership team had the privilege of meeting with Bill Smith, the Manager of the facility. Building Manager Bill commended the crew for their exceptional performance in maintaining the building and serving its tenants. His positive feedback underscores the commitment of Challenge Enterprises to delivering high-quality services while making a positive impact in the communities it serves.

CEO Katie Vineyard expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to connect with employees and witness firsthand the impact of Challenge Enterprises’ work. COO Greg Voss and VP of Business Development Adrian Andrews echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the organization’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and providing individuals with disabilities the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.

The tour served as a testament to Challenge Enterprises’ commitment to excellence and its mission of creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Through partnerships like the Source America Ability One program, Challenge Enterprises continues to make a difference in the lives of countless individuals while delivering exceptional services to its clients.