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Challenge Enterprise Employees Take on Critical Roles During COVID

Richard Baldwin

Richard BaldwinDuring the COVID-19 epidemic, Challenge Enterprises employees have taken on a critical and essential role at the Simpson Courthouse in Duval County. With social distance regulations and proper protective equipment, this team has been sanitizing the courthouse.

In fact, there are hundreds of Challenge Enterprise employees still hard at work as essential service staff on Government, State, Military, and Commercial sites. Those not considered essential have shifted their workload to home offices. We might be social distancing and taking protective measures, but there are still shelves that need to be stocked, spaces to be cleaned, products to be sewn, grass to be cut, documents shredded, mail routed, and a community that depends on us to help be a part of the solution in these toughest of times.

Every day we are amazed by the members of #TeamChallenge and their dedication to protecting and serving those in our community.

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