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50 Years of Empowering Abilities: The Journey of Challenge Enterprises

Challenge Enterprises is a non-profit organization founded in October 1972 by a group of Charter Members who envisioned a community where adults with various abilities can be empowered to overcome their challenges and become enterprising members of society. The organization started with a small group of individuals bonding over bowling and ceramics. Today, more than 250 individuals have benefited from Challenge Enterprises’ person-centered programs, which promote employment and greater independence. 

CEO Nancy C. Keating says, “The journey of Challenge Enterprises has been fantastic. The organization has created opportunities for individuals with disabilities to learn new skills, make friends, get their first job, buy homes, and retire. The organization has significantly impacted the lives of these individuals and enriched the entire community.” 

Challenge Enterprises empowers participants to achieve their goals by focusing on the power of saying YES. The organization encourages individuals to say YES to learning something new, independence, following dreams, dignity, compassion, and inclusion. The word YES unlocks doors for opportunities, change, and creativity. Challenge Enterprises has created a space where individuals of all abilities can set goals for greater independence and personal growth. 

Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that depends on funding from various sources such as the State Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Clay County, corporate and community partnerships, foundations, grants, and generous donors from around the United States. As Challenge Enterprises celebrates its fiftieth year of service, the fundraising team has set a goal of raising $150,000 to pay off the mortgage of the women’s small group home. This house provides residential stability for five women living together while support staff assists with meeting their health, safety, and community engagement needs.   

Saying YES to paying off the mortgage for this house allows Challenge Enterprises to invest money back into the mission.  It will enable the organization to expand other programs and serve more people, improve current programs in more efficient and person-centered ways, and provide a greater variety of life skills and employment training, including those currently on the waitlist or not eligible for funding. 

Challenge Enterprises has been empowering individuals with disabilities for the past fifty years, creating opportunities for personal growth and independence. Saying YES to supporting the organization’s fundraising campaign will enable it to expand its programs and services to more individuals in need. Say YES to Challenge Enterprises by donating using the button below.