The mission is to create the most dedicated and work ready team possible to ensure the highest quality standards are being met, along with providing independence and sustainability. Challenge Enterprises works cooperatively with other non-profit agencies and job coaches to optimize the capabilities of each employee. Job placement scenarios may include an individual’s first job, a job promotion with a set of skills to master, or even a career change.

Adults attending Life Skills Development who desire to earn compensation can select contract work opportunities offered at the 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse. One of the jobs is in the secure document destruction operation, Shred for Good. These strictly vetted authorized workers sort, shred and bale secure office paper and corrugated boxes.

Another work-station provides opportunities for sewing and assembling items for a contract with Safariland of Jacksonville. Other work skills can lead to community placement for stocking, bagging and sorting of groceries. These are available under a contract with Clay County’s Food Surplus Distribution Program. There is occasional subcontract work to re-label, repack, and/or assemble pallets of merchandise. 
Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.




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  • Equal Opportunity Employer

  • Individuals of all abilities are encouraged to apply

  • Applications can be obtained at all CareerSource OneStop Offices

Job Placement

As with all of the program opportunities available at Challenge Enterprises, a person centered approach supports job placement identified by the potential employee’s skill sets, passions, strengths, and areas for development. Each employee works alongside a project manager or job coach that serves as a mentor to reinforce quality/competitive work habits and personal growth.

Summer Work Academy

Summer Work Academy (SWA) strives to introduce & support highly motivated youth to engage in compensation based work activities. The overall goal of SWA is to reinforce the belief that work is a path to achieving personal goals and independence of public assistance. This approach begins by identifying barriers to employment and self-sufficiency through an emphasis on: (1) life skills education; (2) career coaching; and (3) promoting the value of work. Each teen involved in the program receives personalized daily on-the job coaching and mentoring designed to help the worker reach milestone accomplishments and further spark desire and excitement for career development.

SWA is a 6 week program. Enrollment requires a teen to be motivated about work opportunity and have family support. In addition, family members are encouraged to provide or coordinate transportation. The applicants are often recommended by community civic leaders, guidance counselors or teachers, based on their readiness for self-improvement and the desire to work.

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