Bob: a leader in Service

Bob: a leader in Service

Pictured:  Geri Isgan, Magnolia Women’s Club Chair, passes the Pop Tops to Bob Rawling

Bob Rawling is a 47 year old Green Cove Springs resident best known for his easy-going nature and contagious passions. Bob is a homeowner and has put in over 25 years of service with Challenge Enterprises, an agency that employs people with disabilities.

Of Bob’s many passions, the one for service shines through in his 16-year commitment to the Civitan Club of Clay County. He has chaired the Ronald McDonald House “Pop Tab Project” since the day it came across the floor at a meeting. The “Pop Tab Project” is a program created by the Ronald McDonald house that collects beverage can tabs/tops in a recycling, awareness, and fund raising effort to provide services; lodging, transportation, and support services to families whose children are undergoing medical care in Jacksonville. While everyone else was thinking about how to get involved with the program, Bob raised his hand and he announced, “I can do that!”. He has lead the charge with this fund-raising initiative ever since.

Not satisfied with the number of donations coming from his worksite and club members, Bob spoke to Coral, a volunteer from the Magnolia Point Women’s Club, about his project. Coral, much like Bob in her ability to take action, responded “We can do that!” Bob and “the Boss” (Nancy Keating, CEO of Challenge Enterprises) were invited to the next Magnolia Point Women’s Club meeting. After explaining his project, a vote was taken, and the ladies unanimously adopted Bob’s program, and the Ronald McDonald “Pop Tab” partnership was formed. Their goal was set at 100 pounds of collected “Pop Tabs” per year. Geri Isgan, was named the Magnolia Point Women’s “Pop Tab” Chairperson.

The Magnolia Point ladies are also a partner with Charles E. Bennett Elementary School in Green Cove Springs. The ladies took the “Pop Tab” project to the school, and in this first year, the school collected 16 pounds of pop tops for Ronald McDonald House. Magnolia Point reached their 100 pound goal, and Clay Civitans collected 19 pounds of pop tabs. On March 15, 2014, Bob and the Challenge Enterprises’ Residential Support staff delivered the collected “Pop Tabs” to the Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville.

Bob Rawling is a man who inspires us all to live through action and service. We are thankful for Bob’s inspiring leadership and spirit.