Mission Statement:

To promote the Power of People and Possibilities for individuals living with disabilities.

Vision Statement:

To empower individuals living with disabilities and assist in providing the opportunity to embrace the challenges in their lives so they may become enterprising members of their community.

Person Centered Philosophy Statements:

  • We believe that all individuals can demonstrate skills that are valued as successful and productive by members of their community. Regardless of the level or severity of a disability, every person should have the opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Therefore, we have a life-long commitment to these individuals and strive to create education programs, occasions for social development, and other opportunities for the disabled community that will span their lifetime.
  • We believe that each person is an important individual with unique intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs. These needs should be considered on an individual basis as we strive to assist them in achieving their own personal goals and development.
  • All those involved in the lives of individuals living with disabilities (family members and the community at large) should share in the responsibility to provide a nurturing environment so those living with disabilities can maximize their development.
  • Creating partnerships with government, businesses and other private enterprises is valuable for both the individuals and the agencies in which they live. These partnerships provide unique opportunities that help to foster education, understanding, and increased awareness of issues that surround those with disabilities and their families.
  • Clear goals and high expectations should be set for those involved with Challenge Enterprises of North Florida, Inc. so that both the agency and contractors promote the Power of People and Possibilities. The commitment to continued improvement in service delivery and ongoing educational opportunities is necessary to enable individuals with disabilities to become confident, self-directed, and productive members of society.